5 Best Upcoming Electric Concept SUVs

The automakers are moving into the electric car space and set out strategies which could give them an advantage. Car manufacturers are all planning to build SUVs as long range, electric vehicle than the sedan. Automobile sale has plummeted, but demand for SUVs is on rising. Therefore, automakers are safe to produce SUVs requested by the consumer on the market. That’s why is necessary to know top five upcoming electric concept SUVs.

1. Nissan TeRRA

Nissan TeRRA electric suv concept

With advancing technology, Nissan unveiled TeRRA which is a hydrogen fuel cell model. Its electric powertrain covered with the hood, driving the front wheel. The hydrogen fuel mounted under the boot floor. It will be able to go about 400 miles on one tank of hydrogen, emitting pure water. Future TeRRA model will feature the range of stylish with the fuel cell tech which would make a stand on the market and compete other rivals models.

2. Mercedes – Benz EQ

mercedes eq concept car

The automaker unveiled its all-electric concept at Paris Motor show in Germany with the competitive price tag and solid range potential. It is expected to have a range up to 310 miles. The car will come with competitive price tag of $ 39,150 which fall in the same range as the GLC Crossover. The interior will have the 24-inch screen showing speed, range, driving data, and navigation information. It will be alerted when the battery is low and the nearby charging station. The steering wheel has touch controls. It will have features which can adjust the speed and driving dynamics automatically.

3. Jaguar I-PACE

Jaguar I-PACE

It is a five-seat production car coming soon as battery power vehicle. It executed cab forward since the car doesn’t need an engine up front, its interior is spacious. It has a compact body which flows to the ground and offering plenty of cargo space. It will have same suspension system as the F-PACE. The car will come with 90 kWh battery pack which powers two,200 hp electric motors sitting over each axle. It will be expected to cover miles range from 220 competing with Model X 75D that provides 237 miles of range and price starts at $ 85,500. It will offer 400 hp and 516 lb/ft of torque which accelerates 60 mph in 4 seconds. It will have 50KW DC rapid charger which can charge the car in two hours. Interior of the car will have the cockpit with two touch screen, virtual screen controlled by the button on the steering wheel. Jaguar’s car has the potential to be the best future contender.

4. Audi e-Tron Quattro

Audi e- Fron Quattro concept car

Audi is partnering with Samsung and LG to the manufactured battery for its upcoming model. Audi e-on SUVs model will have a range of 310 miles. It will have features three electric motors, first in front of the axle and two other at the rear axle. It will be four seater car with the infotainment system, and the two rear passengers will have their touchscreen displays.

5. BMW i8

BMW i8 concept car

I8 will directly compete with rivals as characterized by floating roof, cooling bonnet scoops and two tone color scheme with the different panel. Its powertrain would be efficient and could be blanked off to smooth airflow and increase range. It will maintain its iconic feature like kidney grill to fit within the broad spectrum efficiently. The manufacturer will use lightweight carbon- fiber to build the car which will ensure that it achieves a range of more than 200 miles. They will use technology to produce fantastic BMW i8 on the market. It will come up with advanced battery performance for the range and packaging for SUVs.

With increasing technological advancement in the automobile industry, future car model will be using electric charging system and also will be environmentally friendly as it will emit water instead of polluting the air. They will be of perfect stylish on the market.

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