5 Best Compact SUVs in the world 2017

Are you looking for more interior and cargo space than sedan offer, small SUVs are the best choice to make. Small SUVs provide high seating position, which provides a broad view of the road. A variety of powertrains equipped to SUVs enables one to meet the driving priorities, use less fuel, or daily comfort. Available interior technology and safety features are useful to families both small and big. Modern SUVs brand has standard features which were previously only in luxury cars. Rearview camera being outstanding standard feature plus other tech safety features. Below, are five best compact SUVs in the world 2017 basing on performance, interior, safety and pros, and cons.

1. Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V

CR-V brand stands for comfortable runabout vehicle as prime mission SUVs dictate: comfort. Currently, no other class car hits the marks for the top flight compact SUVs: lots of cargo space, great interior, more passenger space, and excellent fuel economy with the available turbocharged engine. The owner has a variety of infotainment and tech features choice. In the base model, one will find a standard rearview camera, Bluetooth with voice recognition, and USB port. Driving the CR- V is enjoyable but also its one flaw: the turbo engine is necessary within the town, but trying to overtake another vehicle on the highway require better timing and planning, as the engine is underpowered. It makes a case not only for its practicality and comfort but its value as well. Honda CR-V emerged the best because of its best combination of quality, family-friendly features, space and value in the class.

2. Mazda CX – 5

Mazda CX - 5

Mazda redesigned the CX -5 for 2017, with current generation impresses even more than outgoing brands. The ideal reason is performance; the rebranded CX -5 sports car-like handling, a supple ride, and good fuel economy. Interior features are first class with plenty space for both driver and passengers. While the CX – 5 doesn’t have ample cargo space, it should be enough for most the owner needs. The Mazda is not only fun to drive but also solid, well-rounded compact SUVs.

3. Ford Escape

Ford Escape

It is an outstanding SUV overall that meets most of the needs for utility and sport with an engaging driving experience, ample passenger space, and standard cargo room. Its cabin is one of the nicest in the class, with high-quality materials and pleasing design. However, one will need to upgrade from the Escape base model. Complete lack of alternative makes a standard Escape somewhat unimpressive. The standard engine is underpowered and returns less fuel economy too. Upgrading to one with two trim level with powerful and efficient turbocharged engines with fuel-saving stop- start feature, updated exterior and interior design, advanced safety features, auto Apple CarPlay and Android feature and Sync make Escape a more capable and enjoyable daily driver.

4. Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai Tucson

It impresses with its tech feature, and quite ride is similar to a car’s. It is cost friendly compared to other compact SUVs class, making it affordable. It is ideal for an individual looking for a large vehicle with perfect safety measure. However, despite appealing design and features, the Tucson isn’t good enough. Its cabin has impressive interior materials, rivals like the Forde Escape provide more powerful engine choice. For 2017 Tuscon model Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is now available.

5. GMC Terrain

GMC Terrain

The quality interior stands out in a class that isn’t for upscale cabins. Interior top notch seat provides all day comfort. However, it comes above average price for the standards. Its performance is nothing new, its base engine is weak and handling it is less than agile. It’s below average fuel economy for the class with its base engine lower fuel economy with its alternative V6. The infotainment system is good but can unresponsive, better cargo space for the class. The Terrain is good compact SUV, but one can spend more in this class.

Basing on performance, interior, safety and pros, and cons, Honda CR-V emerged best, Mazda CX-5, Ford Escape, Hyundai Tuscon and GMC Terrain. Therefore, an individual has a choice to make considering the need.

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