7 Reasons Why You Should Drive SUV

In the current world, gasoline, climate change, the social upheaval has increased pressure to downsize the vehicle. But available of legitimate reason guarantee an individual to own and drive an SUV. Don’t turn away by pressure from friends. Don’t allow anyone to select the vehicle for you with disapproving looks. When one needs an SUV, no one should disapprove. Below, are seven best reasons why you should drive SUV.

1. SUV can carry more people efficiently

suv car seating

With the large family, it may not be easy and possible to transport everyone in one vehicle unless an individual is driving an SUV. An individual driving Prius and an Insight will make multiple trips to be able to carry a family of seven people. But for an SUV, one trip is enough, and one would have saved fuel, taken up less space in traffic and parking lot, and made maximum use of available resources.

2. SUV gets excellent gas mileage

In the past, many SUVs were inefficient gas hogs. But currently, available multiple SUVs are highly ranked to achieve about 40 miles per gallon on the highway and still maintain the capacity and other benefits of an SUVs.

3. SUV is safer than any other car

Safety for everyone being an area of concern within the individual parameter. No matter the type of security equipment, airbags, traction control, and antilock brakes one apply on 2,337 lb sub-subcompact spark, will be the loser in a head on collision with 5,820 lb SUV.

4. SUV is better off road

SUVs not only have better ground clearance and the beefy suspension system but also have good transmission and differential that are designed to perform off the road. It is underbody protection with skid plates. Features like hill descent control and small range are designed to accommodate long suspension journey and bonnet which slope off the driver for visibility. Therefore, SUVs are made for off-roading and possess the ability.

5. SUV is better in a flood

With recent hurricanes and heavy rains across the globe, one noticed a bunch of swamped sedans on the city streets. If an individual ever caught, should be in Toyota 4Runner which can ford over water. With aftermarket equipment, SUVs can outfit too for deeper water.

6. SUV has a command seating position

Sitting upright high, enables one see further down the road. It can also enable an individual to see over traffic and other hazards and prepare for other alternatives to avoid troubles. Command seating position helps one in parking lots to see parking space, in the suburbs one can see over hedges and off the road one can see over obstacle

7. SUV can carry more cargo

Driving down the road and come around a fantastic recliner with the sign indicating free. The chair is in good shape. Dark clouds are forming overhead; it is about to rain. If one doesn’t carry the seat well, it is going to be rained on, and one will be ashamed. But when driving an SUV, one will just pull over, lift the tailgate, flip the second and third seats and muscle the recliner into the cargo bay. Slam the tailgate shut, drive on home and enjoy new chair. Therefore, SUVs guarantee enough space for the load.

With 7 seven reasons, SUV makes perfect sense. If the above idea fits for an individual, one should probably go for it.

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